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PostSubject: Characters   Characters EmptyTue Mar 18, 2014 3:23 pm

Thought this could be of use ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptySat Mar 22, 2014 11:49 am

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Phillipa%20Day&name=scriptina
Characters Tumblr_ld6x0dKDFV1qzh4ez

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Where%20did%20I%20go%20wrong%3F I lost a friend&name=Qwigley-Regular
Characters Newcreate.php?text=Somewhere along in the bitterness&name=Qwigley-Regular
Characters Newcreate.php?text=And I would have stayed with you all night&name=Qwigley-Regular
Characters Newcreate.php?text=Had I known how to save a life&name=Qwigley-Regular

Characters Newcreate.php?text=One%20Day%2C%20I%20Will%20Truly%20Know%20Who%20I%20Am&name=scriptina


Phillipa Day


Pip, Pippa, Phil


26 years


13th May 1988



Characters Newcreate.php?text=Something in the Water Draws Me Here&name=scriptina

Birth   Place

San Diego, California

Current Residence

Currently, a very small apartment,
the other side of the city to her
parents, she dislikes their house
immensely as it reminds her of
her brother.


(Homestyler stopped working ;-; )
A small box house with two floors,
but only one bedroom.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=We Look Pretty Normal, Lets Go Back To That&name=scriptina
Phillipa is quite petite, only
reaching to 5ft4"

Same as her height, very
petite, but her weight
matches her height.

Very dark brown, almost

Cut into a short pixie cut
but sometimes she wears
extensions to make it
appear longer.

Clothing   Style

Extra   Images
1 2

Characters Newcreate.php?text=I Told Dad; You Didnt Mean Those Nasty Things You Said &name=scriptina

Standard American

Languages   Spoken
Just English

Way  of  Speaking
Average for a woman, her
sentences are slightly fast
when she speaks.

Singing   Voice
Not to bad, but not a voice
you could sit and listen to
for hours

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Between The Lines Of Fear and Blame, You Begin to Wonder Why You Came &name=scriptina


Just the common stuff
you can catch.

Mental   Health
Nothing too serious.

Eating   Habits
Normal, but skips a
few meals.

Sleeping   Habits
Hardly ever gets any

Characters Newcreate.php?text=In Our Family Portrait, We Look Pretty Happy&name=scriptina

Alex and Tina Day,
all they do is argue,
no one knows why
they haven't split up

One brother, who
committed suicide
thirteen years ago,
when he was fifteen.



A goldfish called


No one.

Love  Status

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Remember That The Night You Left? You Took My Shining Star? &name=scriptina
~ The dark

Worst Memory
They were arguing again,
they always do. Today,
I would run away. I
was eleven, and I
hated living in World
War III. I climbed
out of the little
window to the right
of my bed. The
whole street was
pitch black and
terrifying, I walked a
few steps into the
road, carefully
checking for any cars,
nothing apart from a
black cat that ran
across the road.
That's good luck,
right? I sprinted
down the road,
constantly looking
around me, it
wasn't until I was in
the centre of town
when I calmed slightly.
Everywhere was dark,
apart from the odd
flickering light of the
orange street-lamps,
I didn't recognise where
it was I was, I had
never been into town
by myself, nor in the
dark. I heard the
sound of footsteps
behind me, I turned
to see who they belonged
to and a tall, middle-aged
man was grinning down at
me. I turned to run from him
but he grabbed my arm
and shook his head, "You're
out late so why not have a
good time?" He moved his
hand to grip my chin.

6th September 1999, my
brother, Thomas, turned
eighteen. You'd think
everyone would be happy,
but it was just yesterday
he did it. Yesterday.
5th September, the day  
he took his own life. I
thought he was joking
when he told me his plan,
when he left the house.
What could I have done?
My parents are always
blaming me for it, and
I do too, I should have
stopped him, had
I known how to save a
life, I would've. I want
to go back and stop him
I would do anything,
anything to help
him. I was thirteen, I didn't
understand. But I wish I
did, I wish I could.

Best Memory
Thomas held my
hand as he took me
closer the the speeding
river infront of us. "Be
careful, that is over 20ft
deep and travelling at
50mph. It'd take you
away" I tightened my grip
on his hand and he chuckled
lightly. "I promise I won't
let you fall"

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Lets Play Pretend, Act Like It Comes So Naturally &name=scriptina

Favourite  Colour

Favourite   Artist

Favourite  Song
Imaginary ~ Evanescene

Favourite   Book
Phillipa doesn't have
time for books, nor
does she want to
read them.

Favourite   Food/Drink

Favourite Place
The river she visited
with Thomas. But
she never goes there
as that is where
Thomas took his life

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Pray to God, He Hears You&name=scriptina

Job she dreamed of
Phillipa always dreamed
of being an actress, but
after her brother's death
she stopped dreaming
about that.

~For her parents to
stop fighting.
~For her brother to return.

Dream  Place   to   Visit

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Drive Until You Lose The Road&name=scriptina

5 words that describe you
Quiet, Thoughtful, Solitary, Independent, Hopeful. 


Phillipa fiddles with the
end of her clothing, and
often taps her fingers.

Phillipa doesn't know
and doesn't want to.

Based of these songs:
P!nk, Family Portrait
The Fray, How to Save a Life

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Characters Empty
PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 4:55 pm

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Maiya%20Rose%20Potter Jr&name=TOY_S___
Characters War-horse-celine-buckens
Characters Newcreate.php?text=A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams&name=Faith%20Collapsing
Characters Newcreate.php?text=Your misery and hate will kill us all.&name=Faith%20Collapsing
Characters Newcreate.php?text=So paint it black and take it back&name=Faith%20Collapsing
Characters Newcreate.php?text=Lets shout it loud and clear&name=Faith%20Collapsing
Characters Newcreate.php?text=Defiant to the end we hear the call&name=Faith%20Collapsing

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Tell me how it feels to live a lie&name=TOY_S___


Maiya Rose Potter Jr.


Maiya, May


19 years


22nd April 1995



Characters Newcreate.php?text=The War%20At%20Home&name=TOY_S___

Birth   Place

Stuttgart, Black Forest, Germany

Current Residence

A flat in the north of America, close to
Belllingham, given to her by the US Army

Basically this.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Theres just too much that time cannot erase&name=TOY_S___

Quite short, 5ft6"

The right weight for her height

x Hazel brown with 20-20 vision

x Quite long, falls just to her
waist, but she usually has it
tied back.

Clothing   Style
x Usually army stuff, or camo
styled-items and big black

Characters Newcreate.php?text=I wanna sing I wanna shout I wanna scream til the words dry out&name=TOY_S___

American, though sometimes,
can have a German accent,
especially if she is tired

Languages   Spoken
German and American English

Way  of  Speaking
Fast, but straight to the point
quite powerful, much like a
commander's voice.

Singing   Voice
May doesn't sing.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=I want to know if Ill heal inside&name=TOY_S___

Army food, it is awful.


Mental   Health
Nothing too serious.

Eating   Habits
May avoids the Army food as
mush as physically possible.

Sleeping   Habits
Sleep is important so she tries
for at least 8 hours a night.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=I built these walls to watch them crumbling down&name=TOY_S___

Commander-in-Chief Jacob Potter and Maiya Potter.


None, really.


Not allowed.

Maiya believes she is Asexual as
she hasn't been attracted to anyone.


Love  Status

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Im so tired of being here suppressed by all my childish fears&name=TOY_S___
~Failing what her father asked of her.

Best Memory
My father stood on the podium, his chest puffed
out, but standing completely still as he recieved
his medal (and promotion) for
Commander-in-Chief. I was going to be like him
one day, standing on that podium as the president
pinned a medal to my chest.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=I wont be the last one in line I finally figured out whats mine &name=TOY_S___

Favourite  Colour
Blood Red

Favourite   Book
The Boy In Stripe Pyjamas-John Boyne.

Favourite   Food/Drink
Freshly picked blackberries and water.

Favourite Place
Stuttgard, Germany.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=If Today was your last day&name=TOY_S___

Job s/he dreamed of
To be Commander-in-Chief, just like
her father was.

To be the greatest, basically.

Dream  Place   to   Visit
Everywhere, she just wants to travel the
world, with the army.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=you went and brought a knife to an all out gun fight&name=TOY_S___

5 words that describe you
Nonchalant, Determined, Independent, Leader, Self-Centred

The Army's ways.

~When holding a gun, May will twirl it around and
check that is loaded.
~She carries a gun wherever she goes, even if it's
just into town

May can spot a moving target from in a forest,
even from a far distance, then shoot it.

Character Prompts
x x x x x
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Characters Empty
PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptyFri Apr 11, 2014 6:44 pm

Characters LjLDgCW

Noel Ebony Blair
Birth place


I woke up with the sun.  My bed faced the window and my curtain
was never closed, I couldn’t reach it, so the sun shone.”Juls?” I
called her raising my head carefully. “I’m up, getting dressed”, I
heard a voice come to me through a wall. “Alright.” I knew Julietta
needs time to get dressed, she always does, so I picked up a book
from my night table. I made a quiet noise in pain, because I’d laid on
my arm through the night, I did that often, it’s not like I can move a
lot. The book was called “The hand that first held mine”, and I really
liked it so far, because even though my tough look might fool you, on
the inside I have something soft. After a chapter Juls came in my room
smiling.”Good morning”, she said.”It really is”, I agreed. She approached
me and I wrapped my arms around her neck. She lifted me up and placed
me in a wheelchair next to my bed.”Let’s get breakfast?” she asked me
as we roamed through the house. I was once again amazed by the speed
Juls can cook food with. She was a redheaded wonder woman. She’d been
there for me ever since the accident. I couldn’t be more grateful. While
she mixed the pancake mix, I rolled to the bathroom and looked at the
mirror. Even though the sink was quite lower than standard, the mirror,
above it still cut off a part of my chin. I never really liked my face. I have
small eyes, thin lips and crazy hair which looked like straw. I also had a
tattoo on the left side of my forehead, but more on that later. I brushed
my teeth and somehow tamed my hair. When I rolled back into the kitchen,
Juls had already made pancakes. I grabbed the plate with pancakes, one
extra plate, a knife and raspberry jam so Juls pushed me towards the living
room. We sat in front of the TV and ate a huge amount of pancakes.”So,
what’s your plan today?” she asked me licking the jam off of the knife.
“Nothing much. Only school, I guess. And maybe I’d make some macaroons
later?” I suggested finishing off my last pancake.”That would be great.” We
continued watching the TV in silence until it was the time to go to school.
Juls and I headed towards my school. I remember the time I was popular.
It was the first year of high school (I’m in college now). I think I was only
popular because I had a killer body and sharp tongue (emphasize on had).
I was the Queen Bitch, if you know what I mean. I hung out with all the cool
kids, most of them were older, and that’s how I got into drugs. My freshman
year was a blur. Until we cut class. They had a lot of tests in school that day,
so the seniors dragged me out with them. I don’t remember what happened
next, I just know we must’ve gotten very high, because they let me drive.
We crashed into a truck. Luckily, I was the only one hurt. But I was hurt badly,
or so I’ve been told. Something about my leg muscles and my head. They
dealt with the head easily, with just a couple of stitches (hence the tattoo,
to hide them), but they told my mum that only time will tell whether I’ll be able
to walk again. Since time didn’t say anything, I was still in the wheelchair. How
they got me off drugs was a mystery, but my mum told me they made me their
lab bunny with an experimental technique; they replaced cocaine with morphine
and slowly reduced my doze. Mum didn’t comment on my addiction. I got my
aforementioned tattoo on my 15th birthday, a month after the accident. I’ve
been in the wheelchair for six years now. I didn’t get better, but I didn’t get
worse. Juls told me it was normal. She was also a consequence of my behaviour.
She was an exchange medicine student from Ireland. She needed a place to stay,
and I needed a person to take care of me because my mum traveled a lot. It
all worked out. Juls moved in and got paid, it even counted as work to her. She
became my friend. It didn’t seem as she had to take care of me. But I got off
the tangent here. I was popular, freshman year; but people forgot all about me
my sophomore year. I became ‘that girl in the wheelchair’. Because of that, I
wanted to scream. Hey! I’m a person, too! But I guess they’d just look over my
head. I was short even before the wheelchair, and now I was just a distraction.
It was kind of sad. But I didn’t mind. I got used to it. Let me tell you, being
ignored is much better than, say, being thrown into the bathroom, my wheelchair
ending up in one of the school’s basketball baskets. I cried a lot that year. And
the peculiar part is, nobody got punished. I didn’t mind, because once they got
their kicks, they left me alone. The school days were all the same since then,
and this one was no difference. When school finished, Juls came to pick me
up and we strolled home.”What about those macaroons, huh, Nellie?” she asked
me. That brought a smile on my face. If I liked anything in this world, it was
cooking. But not cooking as you’d think. I never made anything that wasn’t a
dessert and didn’t have sugar in it. It was my only hobby, but it somehow got
sad after I couldn’t reach the cupboards anymore. I guess that’s how my life
is destined to be. But how can I get better once I had the best?

Noel is, what you would call, unconventional. She has blonde hair with brown
streaks which could be beautiful if she styled it, but she never does, so it just
hands on her cheeks like a dead animal. Her face is diamond-shaped, with
distinctive jawline and hair bangs which cover the left part of her forehead.
She has big, but thin gunmetal blue eyes which aren't very expressive as a whole,
but you can usually tell whether she's happy or sad. She has a tattoo on the left
side of her forehead (that is covered by bangs, remember?) which is here to hide
gruesome-looking scars from the operation. Her nose is Roman-styled and small,
and she often sniffs for no particular reason at all. Her skin is light without freckles,
but her cheeks are often flushed. Her lips are thin and pale, but her skin still looks
bare, like she needs makeup to look normal. She is very thin, almost to the to the
point of anorexia and she hates the whole package, lanky arms and ribs showing.
She was curvier before the accident. Actually, her whole appearance changed then.

Characters 6hyr1PiCharacters TyM625DCharacters 8nRzocG
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptyMon Apr 14, 2014 8:05 pm

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Caspar%20Nadia%20Dashiell%20&name=BeforeTheRain_personal_use_demo
Characters Tumblr_marj65RWta1qkdght

Caspar Nadia Dashiell
The name was chosen by my mother,
who obviously wanted a boy. I don't 
mind, though, I like the name. I 
Googled the meaning the other day,
it's rather interesting. Caspar means
treasurer or wise man, which is
not favouring my femininity. Nadia
means hope, I knew that one,
because I know a bit of Slavic
languages, and Nadia is Russian.
Now, finding out the meaning of
my surname was surprising, it
turned out to be a royal surname
in the 16th century, for some 
kind of a king, de Ciel which 
means from heaven, and I think
that's adorable. Feel free to call
me Angela, I like that name.

Kaz, Hopes and Dashes
I really like both of my nicknames,
and I'll try to explain them to you.
Kaz comes from my name, my
dad often called me Cas, but
my brother said it needed 'edge',
and I quote him directly, so he
he changed it a bit, and voila.
The second nickname is actually
an invention of my wonderful
friend, Laurie. She got very 
drunk one night, it was quite
amusing, and she started 
calling me Hopes and Dashes.
She later explained that Nadia
means hope, and my surname
shortened is Dash. I don't even
want to tell you how long I've
laughed at that. Hopes and
Dashes... When that leaked
into public, it immediately became
my fan-base name. Hopelings.
It's real cute, you know.

Hurrah! I'm old! But I'm still
young enough to play the roles
of the teens. Hollywood is
quite corrupted when it comes
to age, to be honest with you.

Why don't you guess?
Reading, UK
I lived in Reading till I was about
nine, then my parents got divorced.
I know, boo-hoo, sad story, it really
isn't. They just didn't love each 
other anymore, and decided
it would be for the best if they
just split without any soap
opera drama. So I moved to 
London and I lived there for
a while before Laurie made me go
to LA, so I live here now.

Characters Tumblr_lxryqutBE81qaweqho2_250
It's exactly the average, I checked.
65 kilos
Quite pissed about my weight.
It is normal and it is average
by every standard, but some 
people still tell me I'm fat.
Corrupted, I tell you.

Eye colour
Hazelish, I wouldn't know.
They're oddly yellow under
sunlight, I feel like a glittery
vampire from Twilight.

Hair colour
Natural, thank you very much.
Hair style
Most often is pulled up, because
it annoys me greatly. Great reminder,
it's getting long, I have to cut it soon.

Earrings and a tattoo on the waist
I have pierced ears and often wear
small rings my mother gave me.
And for tattoos, it's not a good thing
to combine acting and tattoos, so
I keep mine hidden, on the left
side of my waist. It's quite small,
even though it has a lot of text:
I will break down the gates of heaven
A thousand angels stand waiting for me,
Oh, take my heart and I'll lay down my weapons
Break my shackles to set me free

It's from one of my all time favourite
songs, Run To You by Pentatonix.

Typical clothing

Characters 2lv1oa8

I've been acting since I moved to
London, I started with theatre and
now I'm a RADA graduate. Neat, huh?

Current home
x x x x x x x 
I own this little flat in LA. I shared it with
Laurie, it's a two-person flat, but she's
gotten onto Broadway, so that means
she's in New York.

Favourite colours
If I'd have to say...
Favourite type of music
Anything with a good beat
I listen to a lot of stuff, really. Current
favourite is a mix of Timber by
my lovely friend Lydia. She's my favourite
DJ of all time.

Favourite movie genre
I like doing historical dramas,
but my absolute favourites are
action, thriller and adventure movies.
When it comes to watching, I like
watching almost everything,
from apocalypses to chick flicks.


Characters Tumblr_lu45l8SdrW1r0l0ib

Latest tweet
Characters S5kgHWB
Last movie you've worked on
Characters NeSX9ar
Last book you've read
Ender's game by Orson Scott Card

Characters Tumblr_lwejyrAJgl1r23tzz
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptySat Apr 19, 2014 8:41 am

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Theodore Hall&name=bajareczka
Characters Owl-City-1
"I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems"

N a m e
Theodore Hall
| Theodore| Greek | Θεόδωρος~Theodōros | God's Gift |
| Hall | English | Owner of a Hall | Kind and Forgiving |  

N i c k n a m e
A g e
23 years old
B i r t h d a y
5th July
G e n d e r

B i r t h  _  P l a c e
Owatonna, Minnesota, United States
C u r r e n t_H o m e
Owatonna, he still lives with his parents, as he is going to the college in that town and to save money he stayed at home.
H o m e

C o l l e g e
Owatonna Riverland College
C o u r s e
G r a d e s
Mainly As, sometimes the odd A+
H a p p y_W i t h_T h e_C o u r s e?

H a i r
Brown, medium length, a fringe that sweeps to the left
E y e s
Hazel, and requires glasses
C l o t h i n g
Polo shirts, shirts and blazers ||x||
H e i g h t
5ft 7"
W e i g h t
13stone 7lb
P i e r c i n g s / T a t t o o s

F a m i l y
Parents, one brother (Oliver) and one sister (Katie)
F r i e n d s
None, he prefers to be staring at the sky than hanging out with friends
R e l a t i o n s h i p
S e x u a l i t y
Straight, even if everyone does call him gay

V o i c e
Quiet, calm, normal pitch
S i n g i n g
Doesn't sing
A c c e n t

A l l e r g i e s
I l l n e s s e s
M e n t a l_H e a l t h

F a v o u r i t e_C o l o u r
F a v o u r i t e_H o b b y
F a v o u r i t e_S t a r_C o n s t e l l a t i o n
Ursa Major||x||
F a v o u r i t e_S o n g
Shooting Star ~ Owl City [Spotify Verison]||x||

I think Theo would be quite an easy character to develop
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Characters Empty
PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 1:47 pm

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Dallas Brook Calder&name=OAKWOOD_
Characters Tumblr_lw2gyrefJb1r6mlf1o2_500
"Don't go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to
I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you're moving too fast"

N a m e
Dallas Brook Calder
||Dallas | Dal-las | From Waterfall | Scottish||
||Brook  | Bruk | Small Stream | Old English||
||Calder | Cal-der | Rough Waters | Scottish||

A g e
18 years

B i r t h d a y
3rd December

G e n d e r

H a i r
Very dark brown, usually scruffy and unstyled

E y e s
Blue-Grey ||x||

C l o t h e s
||x | x | x | x||

Short, 5ft 4"

Dramatically dropped since his illness, 10 stone

B i r t h_P l a c e
Invergarry, Highland Scotland ||x||

C u r r e n t_R e s i d e n c e
||x|| A run-down treehouse, deep in a forest away from everyone.

M e n t a l_H e a l t h
Drug Addiction, Heroin and Nicotine, if he doesn't have any he has terrible withdrawals

I l l n e s s e s
HIV, unknown about, but many symptoms are clear; Pneumonia and Coldsores being the clearest

F a m i l y
Father, dead. Mother, had an argument with about his drug addiction last year, has spoken to since. No siblings.

R e l a t i o n s h i p

S e x u a l i t y

V o i c e
Husky, deep, croaky

S i n g i n g _ V o i c e
Doesn't sing

A c c e n t

H a b i t s
~Smokes, a lot.

3_W o r d s_t h a t _D e s c r i b e _Y o u
Lost, Grumpy, Detached

Characters Tumblr_lu4kaiI0o81r5m7ato2_400
He isn't much, eh.
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PostSubject: Re: Characters   Characters EmptyMon Apr 21, 2014 3:04 pm

Characters Newcreate.php?text=Quinten%20Jules&name=Brushstr
Characters ABn4UgL

Quinten Beckett Jules
Q, Quin, Becky
5ft 11'
Athletic, arms stronger than legs.
An unexpected low baritone, on the edge of a bass.
Very bad insomnia, is on meds.
He has a very warm smile which can almost always
make you smile back.
He is, what he always points out, very 'asymmetric',
strong arms, wide shoulders, lanky legs. His words,
not mine. He is a horrible runner because of that.

Characters Tumblr_miym3zLEjt1qg03boo1_500

Only child, two mothers
Many, but he doubts most of them are true.
As a child, he was bullied in school because
of his family. It was horrible. But being a
person he is, he didn't blame them. Things
got better when he started high school.
He gained a lot of friends who he had to leave
when he moved to New York. It was a very
risky move, but luckily he got into a critically
well acclaimed college. He, however, kept
quiet about himself, because he honestly
got enough of all the popularity issues.
Bass playing, ping pong.
Quite casual for a college senior in NYC.
Marital status
None in particular, but knows enough about
every one.
Berklee major in music editing and electronic
production and design
Bass guitar and laptop

Characters Tumblr_mfagnsqiWa1qa0247o1_500

"Control-alt-delete yourself, woman!"
"My opinions may have changed, but not the
fact that I am right."
"I intend to live forever . . . so far, so good."
"Not all people are annoying. Some are dead."
A lot of spicy food and fizzy drinks.
Works at
Currently nowhere. plans to get a job
after he finishes school.
Lives at
x x

Characters Tumblr_mhxl14aXTS1ro6fylo1_500

Fairly intelligent, but lazy and unmotivated.
Depends on his mood. When he's tired, he
snaps easily, but otherwise is tolerant.
He is usually happy.
When he can't find a paper, he writes out
music notes over his arms.

Characters Z7zpy3t
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Characters Transparent_text_effect2_zpsafcdca4a
Characters Tumblr_lpnid4yjUJ1qa06h2
Hold your breath
Make a wish
Count to three
Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of
Pure imagination

N a m e
Jayden Peeters
|| Jayden | Jay-din | Jehovah has heard | Hebrew ||
|| Peeters | Pay-tərz | Petros [Stone] | Dutch ||

N i c k n a m e s
JD, Jay

A g e
24 years

B i r t h_D a t e
12th September

G e n d e r

Characters Tumblr_m2as1n1Ads1qa8mq1o4_250

H a i r
Long, dreadlocks and dark brown

E y e s
A, according to JD, boring grey

Bright blazers and bow-ties ||x||

H e i g h t
5ft 11"

W e i g h t
13 stone 9lbs, over weight, but his height makes him seem thin

T a t t o o s/P i e r c i n g s

Characters Tumblr_inline_n14yxd14Xw1suu746

B i r t h _P l a c e
Flanders, Belgium

H o m e
JD lives above his shop in New York ||x|x||

R e a s o n
Dreams are made in New York; so why not add a little sugar to their lives?

Characters Tumblr_inline_mshpvy483q1qz4rgp

F a m i l y
His parents split when JD was young, his mother was a dentist and his father owned a small bakery/café in Lier. JD grew up with his dad, while  his other four siblings lived with his mum.

S i b l i n g s
Four; two sisters and two brothers- Esmée, Gisella, Adelbert, Braam

R e l a t i o n s h i p

S e x u a l i t y

Characters Tumblr_m1g2woQEsj1r7qllto2_250

V o i c e
Neither high pitched nor deep, just about average.

S i n g i n g
Doesn't really sing

A c c e n t

L a n g u a g e s
English, Dutch and a small amount of French.

Characters Tumblr_lt9tuanTYJ1qmmpxto2_250

I n t e r e s t s
Creating sweets and chocolates. JD also enjoys decorating cakes, and he has been doing that for many years, because of all the time he spent helping his father in the bakery.

I n s i d e_Y o u r_H e a d
The only employee I had hired, Dylan, was stood by the counter, staring at the door apathetically, waiting for a customer to walk through it. I returned my attention to the scribbles on my notebook when I soon heard the jingle of the bell. Hearing that, I stood up and walked into the back-room and settled on on of the beanbags we had back there. I disliked engaging in conversation with customers, I always feel that they are going to try and steal the recipes from my little notebook ||x||. This notebook was my life's work, and it never leaves my sight or the safe place where I keep it. Not even Dylan knows what's in this book. It is very rare to here me talking, as I am always afraid I will let slip. I love my little shop and all the little creations I have inside it. It is becoming more and more popular each year, and I am glad people love my little Paradise.

P r o m p t s
Guessed the film yet? This may help ||x||

Characters Tumblr_m35dvvCbij1qag3pto1_r1_500

(You can see I lost my buzz for him towards the end cx)
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Diesel%20Boise&name=DeutscheZierschrift
Characters Tumblr_m7md2sxOvi1qdq5cn
{{Nico Tortorella, for future ref. hottie.}}

So you wanna play with magic
Girl, you should know what you're falling for

Diesel Alexander Boise
Diesel - pet name for Matthias, German origin
Alexander - defender of man, Swedish
Boise - forest, French
Born as Alexander Boise. Changed his name
after he left home, but couldn't be bothered
to change his last name as well.
Lex and Deez
His family called him Lex, which made him
feel like a girl, his new gang calls him Deez.
Seventeen, though he pretends to be older.
Houston, Texas
He lived there until he moved to his grandfather's,
then he moved away from him as well a year ago
to Los Angeles, the bad part.

Midnight blows in through the window,
Dances round the room...
Got me hypnotized,
I'm getting high on the perfume.

185 cm
60 kg
Eye colour
Hair colour
Dark brown
Spiked up
Tattoos / Piercings
A big tattoo on his side of a demon wing.

I raise my flags, don my clothes
It's a revolution, I suppose
We'll paint it red to fit right in

Most of his comments are snark and rude.
Works at
A movie theater nearby
Lives at
x x

You say love is what you put into it
You say that I'm losing my will
Don't you know that you're all that I think about?
You make up a half of the whole

"I was born in Houston, a lovely city, really. I don't
remember much, and things I do, I wish to forget.

I miss her. I really do.
And it's only been a year.

Her name was Kitty.
I guess it still is.
I think it was my fault.

I sometimes wonder where she is right now, does
she even remember me, but I think I just might
know the answer.
Of course not.

To her, I'm just another delinquent, just another
law-breaker. She left before I got to tell her the
whole story.

My dad died when I was five. I don't remember
him that well, only random flashes. His hands
putting up a bird feeder in our backyard. His
eyes crinkling in corners, smiling. I don't know
if I miss him or not, because I never knew any
other way. My mum shut off after that, her
real self giving to alcohol and cigarettes. She
told me she had cancer on my eleventh birthday.
She died a week before my twelfth. After that,
things rolled even more downhill. I moved to
my granddad to Seattle, a quiet town. Ah, but
see, I was bored. Things happened. Fights,
destroying property, breaking ins, all these
things are in my record. That's why she left
me, I think. Beauty and the beast."

Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Ramona V. Joyce&name=Shoguns%20Clan
Characters Tumblr_mxjj2orZPC1s5mf7ho1_400
{{ x | x | x }}

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're angry
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch
Like it's a bad thing

{{ n a m e }}
"Why do you care? It's already been mentioned once, surely you can read? I worry enough about
the people's intelligence already without this being thrown in too"
Ramona Violet Joyce
|| RA MOH NA | Protecting Hands | Spanish/Old German ||
|| VI OH LET | Violette | French ||
|| JOY CE | Lord | French ||
Her parents named her after her late grandmother, Violet.

{{ n i c k n a m e  }}
"I dare you to call me a nickname. Go on. Do it."
However, no one but her father is allowed to call her by a nickname- which is usually Bud.

{{ a g e }}
"Everyone knows it is rude to ask a lady's age."
23 years, 10th October
Unlike most she wasn't born in a hospital. Her mother didn't want to be in a place she did not know,
meaning Rae was born in the house she lived in for just over seventeen years.

{{ g e n d e r }}
"Why don't you come check?"
And she doesn't mind to show that at all. She's always trying to flatter men, and women, she thinks
it is part of the fun in life.

Little girl
You like it loud
Come alive in the middle of a crowd
You wanna scream
You wanna shout
Get excited when the lights go down

{{ h e i g h t }}
"Men seem to dislike it when I'm taller than them"
5ft 8"½

{{ w e i g h t}}
"This questions just keep getting ruder. What next? 'Amount of men slept with?' Pft"
9 stone
She rarely eats, her excuse is always 'I never have time' which is a lie. She always has time, she
just doesn't want to eat.

{{ h a i r  }}
"I like my hair, thank you very much. I won't change it for you."
Almost constantly the under layer colour is changing, but the top layer of hair is always dark brown.
It is a neat wavy style, with a full fringe which is a bit long and gets in her eyes often, but she likes it that way.
Her favourite colour to dye the underneath is purple, as it blends in well with the brown of her natural hair. x

{{ e y e s  }}
"Seriously, why do you care?"
A stormy, almost colourless, grey. x

{{ m a k e u p }}
"Coping my style now?"
Plenty, a large amount of eye-liner and mascara, some pale foundation and red lipstick.

{{ t a t t o o s }}
"Your body is a canvas, so why not paint on it?"
Many tattos all over her body, on her wrist x, her shoulder x, the back of her neck x
and her right leg x

{{ p i e r c i n g s }}
"My added jewels"
Ears, nose, bellybutton, tongue and lip

Don't you get sick of only hearing your own voice?
Talk like you're so damn tough but you're just a little boy.
You like to think you've broke the mould but now I'm sure,
You'll crack just like the rest when I break your fucking jaw.

{{ b i r t h_ p l a c e }}
"Do you really ask questions that don't matter at all?"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

{{ h o m e }}
"You're just a paedophile aren't you?"
Average sized house, with one bedroom x. No one is ever let in her room, it is her little sanctuary.
Her home is still in Philadelphia, but right on the edge, and the opposite side of the city to where her father lived.

All we are is skin and before.
Holding on and letting go
All we are is skin and bone,
We're too old to die young.

{{ f a m i l y }}
"Are you going to pester them with ridiculous questions too?"
As a young child, her parents split, her mother taking her only sibling, Harry, while she stayed with her father.
She gets on very well with her dad, and never sees her mum often enough to form an opinion of her. However,
her father died one year ago, and Rae still is grieves for him.

{{ p e t s }}
"I give up with this shit"
Her beloved bearded dragon named Aerial x

{{ s e x u a l i t y }}
She will happily sleep with anything and anyone who asks.  

I'm in the business of misery,
Let's take it from the top.
She's got a body like an hourglass, it's ticking like a clock.
It's a matter of time before we all run out,
When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth.

{{ v o i c e}}
"I've been talking this whole fucking time, haven't you heard enough of my voice?"
Average pitched, and mostly always dripping with sarcasm. She often will make smart comments just to piss people
off and doesn't mind about sharing her opinion on the world. She also has the tendency to swear a lot,
every other fucking word is a bloody swear.

{{ s i n g }}
"La, happy?"
She has a very powerful voice and distinctive, one that anyone will recognise and fall in love with.

{{ a c c e n t }}
"I can't be bothered to repeat my comment from before"

Welcome to the nightmare in my head,
Say hello to something scary,
The monster in your bed,
Just give in and you won’t be sorry,
Welcome to my other side,
Hello it’s Mz. Hyde!

{{ f a v o u r i t e_ c o l o u r }}
"More shit questions? Why do you care?"
Black and purple

{{ fa v o u r i t e_a n i m a l }}
"I give up"

{{ f a v o u r i t e _ s o n g }}
" Coping everything I fucking do now are you?"
Get Lucky ~ Halestorm Cover and Blame ~ Egyptian Central

A lie is like a dirty knife
A jagged blade
And I can feel it in my spine
Your tongue is going to get pulled out
Your quick lips sealed
And I am going to shut your mouth

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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Farren Hart&name=Coold
Characters Tumblr_mhz1sg3kyk1qfmbwzo1_500
{{ x | x | x }}
A̩͌͆ͅɴ̻̺̊͝ ̜̻̃͐ɪ̖̻̽͑ɴ̢̜̐͂ᴄ̪͈̔̓ᴏ͓̻͌̚ɴ̡̗̔̀ᴠ̟̤̊̓ᴇ̡̣̔͑ɴ̧͓͒̓ɪ̨͕̀͝ᴇ̨͉́͠ɴ̛͙̥̈ᴄ͖̤̅͝ᴇ͙͖̈́͂ ̡̘̔̕ɪ̨͓̓́s̻̣̽̿ ̪͔̇͋ᴀ̢͍̈̍ɴ̜͚̒̒ ̣̻͊͛ᴀ̜͇̑͑ᴅ̬̞̽́ᴠ̲͖̍̈́ᴇ̯̣͆̈́ɴ̗̫͑̽ᴛ̢̠̀̄ᴜ̻̟͒̒ʀ̪̺̿̕ᴇ̖͕̌̍ ̛̗̇ͅᴡ̧͕͂̉ʀ̧͎͐̀ᴏ͔͎̂̆ɴ̧̳̐̈́ɢ̧̥̐͝ʟ͓̗͛̎ʏ̣͓̃̿ ̭̈̆͜ᴄ̱̬̑̒ᴏ͔͍̇̇ɴ̧͈̇͠s̻͇͛͒ɪ̪̣̍͝ᴅ̧̪̀͝ᴇ̝͚̽͑ʀ̱̞͑̃ᴇ̰̮̾͛ᴅ̺̥̈́̋.̧͇͛͂

N̥͝ȁ̦m̨̀é̻ ̜̂
Farren Hart
|| FA-R-UHN | Adventurous | English ||
||H-AR-T | Stag | English ||

A̹͋g̳̃e̘͠ ̨͂+̟̔ ̝͝B̳̔i͍͋r͛ͅt̹͒h̻͋d͚̀a̼͝y̺̔
||23 years | 6th June ||

|| Male ||

The meadow was spread before me. Flowers, of every colour, pink, white, yellow and even purple were scattered around this small patch of paradise. I longed to reach out a pick one, but this meadow was not mine. It was nature's. She deserved to keep every single flower that popped up out of the ground. I laughed and ran out into the centre of this glorious grassland, throwing my bag to the floor before flopping onto the floor beside it, gazing up to the almost cloudless sky. There was one single cloud which betrayed it, and it was as fluffy as a piece of cotton wool. The shape reminded me of a young lamb leaping over a small stream. I grinned to myself. This is somewhere I wished to remain. Forever. However, I knew I couldn't I had to keep walking if I wanted to reached my destination by night fall. I stood up, brushed myself down, grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and continued on my walk. I gazed up towards the gigantic forest before me. imposing yet beautiful.

|| 6ft 3" ||

|| 165lbs ||

|| Always bright and cheerful, looking around to capture the beauty of every circumstance. They are a new grass green, and always had a sparkle in them. ||

|| Brown and a wild curly. He never is able to tame it, so leaves it as it is. ||

I took one step into the shadowed forest and felt cooled instantly. The twitter of birds made me look this way and that, trying to see if I can spot any of the whizzing around. But all the birds were all hidden by the green canopy, which only let in a few rays of sun. I tread lightly on my feet, avoiding any twigs or anything that will make noise. I needed to be silent for the forest to reveal its truly amazing secrets. I leap into the air, grabbing a branch, pulling myself onto it, deciding this is where I would eat my lunch. I unzipped my bag, pulling out my little lunch box, filled with cereal bars and many different types of fruit. Buried at the bottom was two jam sandwiches, cut into small triangles. I smiled to myself and slowly began to nibble on them.

|| A small one bedroom flat that he lives him by himself. The walls are written on with little ideas for stories or his next adventure,as he finds paper too easy to lose. {{ x | x }} It is near the village of Malham, Yorkshire. ||

Ǐ͚n̞͆ ͚̋M̡̆y̬̌ ͓̐B̢͝a̞͠g̲̅
|| A spare jumper, two books {one fiction, one travel guide}, torch, lunch box {including drinks}, rain poncho, camera, notebook {+pencils}, Ukulele and Scout {{ x }}. ||

F͖͌à͖v̫̌o̦͐u̘͑r̮͗i̡͘t͚͂e̳͌ ͉̈P͚̈l̡̒ã̻c̙̆ę͆
|| Gordale Scar, just above the first waterfall. Not many go up there, it is secluded and absolutely gorgeous {{ x }} ||

I placed everything back into my bag, and leapt off the branch, landing lightly on my feet. I placed the bag back on my shoulders, and headed down the path. The path was fading into a muddy walkway, which soon was hidden by the dense woodland. A loud startled call rang out beside me, I had spooked a pigeon. After the shock of the sudden noise had gone and my heart slowed down, I gazed around the woods. There was no path anywhere to be seen, I knew I was lost. But I kept going. What adventurers follow a path? That isn't an adventure! That's just a plain old walk.

F̰̈a͉͌v̠̄ő̹ȕ̬r̖̕ḭ̿t̡̄é̹ ̤̊C͚͑ò͍l̠̓o̟̍ų̚ř͉
|| Green ||

F̣͝á̪v̧̾ò͈ü̗r̙̓i̙͊ť̩ě̳ ̤̓A̱͋n̙̿i̩̕m̪̐ä̪l̟͛
|| Deer ||

P͎͌ã̩s͍͝t͕̽ ̣̿T̯͐i̖͝m͔͊e͕̿s̬͂
|| When not exploring, drawing and creating little monsters. He also loves writing, which is lucky as that is his job. He works for a column in the paper. ||

F̢̈́a̻̚v͔̀ô̢ṷ̈́r̤͂i͚̾t̡̔ẻ̳ ̟͝S̨̽o͙͋n̘͒g̗͑
|| Hopeless Wanderer ~ Mumford & Sons {{ x }} and Somewhere Only We Know ~ Keane {{ x }} ||

The sun was starting to set by now, the air was getting cooler, and in just my t-shirt, the cool was nipping at my skin. I looked in my bag for my jumper and pulled it over myself before continuing walking. I saw a gap between the trees and headed towards that, where it opened onto a clearing. A huge sparkling lake was in front of me, along with a buck, whose head was bent low, gulping water from the lake. I smiled and lifted the camera that hung from my neck, snapping a photo. "Beautiful" I let myself say in a breathy voice. The buck's head snapped up, giving me a chance to get another photo before it fled into the woods opposite. I smiled and  walked to the water, settling beside it, pulling my torch out of my bag. It would be dark soon, never good to walk in the woods in the dark. I let out a breath and leant back on my hands, letting the last rays of sun flicker over my face. This is how life is supposed to be lived. In paradise like this.

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Characters Newcreate.php?text=LEONE&name=I%20AM%20SHERLOCKED
Characters KoFRGxX
Nina Nesbitt

x x

what she presents herself to be;;

Leone Elsie Reede
Leone | Lee-own-ee | Lion
Elsie | El-zee | Noble
Reede | Riy-d | From the clear land
Current Residence
A loft in the middle of Manhattan
x x x x x x
Student in classical music

Hair colour
Eye colour

Instruments she plays
Flute, piano, guitar
Favourite music type

Mum and twin siblings, younger than her.
A ferret called Nuria

Characters Newcreate.php?text=VENDETTA&name=I%20AM%20SHERLOCKED
Characters Tumblr_mhikede5jz1rrpjpdo1_500


from what has been said in the magazines;;

Vendetta Bach
Vendetta | Venn-deta | Revenge
Bach | Bah | Stream
She's been aged from 20 to 29
New York
Current Residence
Pop singer

Hair colour
Eye colour
Dark green

Instruments she plays
Favourite music type

All died in a car crash
There have been suggestions she has an elephant.

Characters Newcreate.php?text=ME&name=I%20AM%20SHERLOCKED
Characters SFVc7QY


She changed it on the Youtube video as a joke
People have added age to her because of the heavy
makeup used in the video
Pretty obvious
Her accent has been shaped by the New Yorkers she's been
around for a while.
Current Residence
Nobody knows as she didn't say
Purely guesses

Hair colour
A hair colour spray used in the video confused some people
Eye colour
Brown is too common

Instruments she plays
She played the guitar in the video
Favourite music type
Since she wrote a pop song, they thought she liked pop the most


Characters Newcreate.php?text=THE VIDEO&name=I%20AM%20SHERLOCKED
Characters Large
Two months ago, Leone's brothers made her do a video, just
for fun. They made quite a show out of it, sprayed her hair
white, made her put on a lot of make up, and made her write
a song. A quick tune she wrote became viral in a week, reaching
three million views in two days. And what was she supposed to
do, she kept covering and writing songs with that silly hair and
makeup. No one recognized her, not even her school friends.
People are digging for information about her but since she posted
the video with a ridiculously fake name, they couldn't find her.
She has lead a double life ever since.
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Rocky%20Sawyer&name=HomemadeApple
Characters SETKFyl
x x x

I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me, stop holdin' your breath
And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy

Asher Sawyer
Asher || Fortunate
Sawyer || Woodcutter
His friends started calling him Rocky after he
broke a school window with a rock.
August 16th
Dust and peanut butter
Anything that's female


A bit longer than a military cut, carelessly
ruffled up sometimes, but mostly gelled.
Electric grey blue
Very good
Anything that's black and leather
A scar down his spine, fell off a bike.
He seems distant and cold.
Muscular, mostly arms, because he
goes boxing often.
A cigarette in his mouth, endlessly
bored look in his eyes.
Tongue stud
Usual baritone-tenor.


Lucy Donahue
He never met her, as she left when
he was a child because her husband
was beating her.
Nick Sawyer
Even though he was horrible to his wife,
he was quite good with his son until he
decided to get a piercing and gel his hair.
He then abandoned him in a hotel with
his grandpa.
None. He doesn't like staying in a
relationship for too long.
He just brushes them off.
If it's necessary, then he'll do it quickly.
Not so much
Mostly his own circle of... Not friends,
but people he tolerates.
Happy, bubbly, always happy people.


He won't talk to you unless you are
an attractive female.
He'll stop ignoring you, but start
asking you for homework and notes.
He'll avoid you
Motorbiking and boxing, sometimes surfing.
Depends on the situation
He often swears, but not unnecessarily
History and tragedy dramas
Rpg or Lego games
Regular, but 4 hours a day
Very clean, except clothes, which
he throws around
A cat
His dad
A raven
Someone hurting his beloved ones,
but since they are nonexistent, no fears.


He tries to hide himself from the looks.
Smiles more often.
Destroys things around him.
You can usually see that in his eyes.
He'll ask until he realizes the situation.


He tries to escape as soon as possible

He'd ignore them.
Who'd he marry?
He'd show his true face and feelings
Again, he'd destroy stuff and rip papers
He'd 'play it cool'


He lived with both of his parents until
his mum left, then he continued to live
with only his dad.After Nick had problems
with drugs, he started hitting Ash, and
around that time Ash started training
boxing. But years have passed and Nick
couldn't take care of Ash anymore, so
he sent him to his grandpa. Since his
grandpa didn't like his hair nor piercings,
he kept silent about Ash and sent him
to a school far away from his home.


He usually lets others approach him.
Usually flirty, until he gets what he
wants. Then he just leaves.
Jump into
Not really
He doesn't buy presents.
Very straight forward, with no rooms for doubts
Depends on what you think is a good decision.
When someone has a lot of practice...
He doesn't do dates.
((he, however, does others on dates))
Only one night stands
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{iva's char with a bit of help from me
i don't even}

Characters Newcreate.php?text=DOM%20JENSEN%20SHAW&name=Born%20This%20Way
Characters Sd7eB0U

Dominic Jensen - Shaw
Since his parents divorced, Dom had
two surnames, one from his mum
and one from his dad.

Dom, Nick, Jello
Whereas his other nicknames are
his name shortened, he earned his
nickname 'Jello' on an especially
drunk night where he ate all
the Jello shots.

He was born on the 2nd of April,
even though hos mother went to the
hospital on the 1st, and even her
husband thought that she was
joking, 'you can't have a baby
ow'. And, still, he's here.

Sorry, guys, but Dom likes girls.
Actually, 'likes' is an understatement.
He said goodbye to his V card with 17,
with the hottest girl in the school. So,
yeah, you could call him a player.

Maїa Shaw and Jonathan Jensen
Divorced when Dom was 17,
and it deeply shook him, so around
that time he started playing and
fooling around.

He is an only child, which
makes his life lonely. He always
wanted a brother, or even a
sister, that's why he's so
open towards others.

Emily is a snake his friends
gave him for hos 20th birthday,
because he kept killing his pets
and plants and he needed to
learn how to care.

place of living
A small flat in Miami, ideal
for partying.

Mousy brown
Brown with blonde tips,
Dom has hair which most girls
crave to touch, so it's always
neatly done.

Usual chocolate brown.
They can be incredibly warm,
but also very cold.

73 kg
Even though he doesn't
work out, Dom inherited
his mother's fast metabolism.

179 cm
Taller than most girls,
but a lot of guys are still
taller than him. He highly
dislikes when girls are
taller than he is.

Dom was born in Chicago
as an only child. He was a very polite kid.
He was shy, good an perfect... until his
parents got divorced. He was devastated
for a week, and then he turned into a
party animal! Sometimes it was so bad
he drank all the Jello shots at a bar in
Miami! And, yes, he moved to Miami. He
even got tattoos... On his 19th birthday
he got so drunk that he picked up
strippers (7 of them), took them to a
tattoo shop and tattooed their names
on his butt. The sad thing is that he
hasn't even got laid! On the other hand,
for his 20th birthday, he got a snake,
which hasn't died yet! That's good.

I'm less interested in why we're here.
I'm wholly devoted to while we're here.
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Ree%20Riley&name=JandaRomantic
Characters SnyJOoS

Aerhys Naria Riley
Read as Ah-eh-ree-ce, Aerhys
is an anternative spelling for Iris.
Her name was a wish of her grandma's.

Reece, Ree, Nar
Since she doesn't have a lot
of friends, she doesn't have any
interesting nicknames.

She's only one year out of
MIT college, She was one of the
best students, but still went
by unnoticed.

Ree has never been kissed.
She hasn't even imagined her
wedding, but in her mind, it
was always a he.

Lorraine and Ryan Riley
They're always trying to
'socialize' Ree by bringing guests
to their place, but she never
'got out of her shell'.

Anne Riley
Anne is a year older than
Ree, so there weren't any huge
fights, as Anne felt protective
of her younger sister.

Dio is a white hamster
with huge black eyes and
Ree loves just to hold
him in her palms.

place of living
A tiny flat in the middle of London.
What it lacks in space it gives in position.

Ree's hair is waist-length and
wavy. It's almost always silky and smooth
because she cares a lot about it and
washes it daily. She isn't sure for who though.

Dark brown
Big, dark eyes are one of Ree's
best features, so she often uses thick black
eyeliner to make them pop.

67 kg
Ree's uncomfortable with her weight,
so she wears large and wide dresses all the
time to hide anything that could be hidden.

166 cm
Ree is normally tall, but she never
wears heels, only flats, because she feels insecure
in them, like she might fall.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, but
moved to a small city next to London when
she was ten. Since she had a different
accent than everybody and wore long
flowery dresses, she was bound to be
made fun of. Sure, there were a few
people who tried to befriend her, but
after a couple of people mocked her,
she closed herself to the world.
Instead of friends, Ree had numbers.
She aced Maths in school, surprising
even the teachers there. She won a
few school competitions and was
fourth in the whole Britain, and
eventually made it into college.
There she got interested in computer
tech and algorithms and proved to be
quite valuable in the office, so, at
the moment, she is behind a big
company in London, creating their
web pages and programs. She lives
alone in a small flat out of the center
with Dio.

In the end, a death of one man is tragedy.
A death of thousands is just statistics.
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Liv%20oDonnel&name=DIRTC___
Characters I9ptCFk

Olivia Oscar o'Donnel
Her parents named her with names
that start with O because they have
a crazy belief that if they name their
children that they will have a rich
life, hence the never-ending line of
the letter O.

Liv, Livvy, Cara
Most of her nicknames are short
for her name, but in some countries
she's been to she is named 'Spirit'

Liv was born on a hot August
nigh on the 3rd. As a child she felt left
out since nobody could come to to her
birthday, they were all on holidays.

Even though she hasn't been
in many relationships, all of them have
been with girls she met while traveling.
Her parents don't know.

Olive Tristan and Patrick o'Donnel
Olive us very short, that's why Liv
is 1m 57- That's the only thing she inherited
from her mother. Light both hair and eyes
are her dad's.

Jackson (older) and twins
Oksana and Ozaria (younger)

When Jack was born, Olive and Patrick
didn't have the obsession with the letter
O, but with the younger twins, they
continued the 'tradition' of the
letter, hence the Russian names on O.

Oz is a chihuahua which the o'Donnels
found and kept on Jack's demand. He's
actually awfully annoying.

place of living
The hotels she drags herself into.
Light blonde, short
Liv used to have long, shiny
hair, but she cropped it because...
well, let's just say it was her
first time cooking. She has
kept it short ever since.

Light blue
Due to her slight heterochromia,
the middle of her eyes is grey and
the outside is azure blue.

49 kg
Petite built and short,
her weight is normal.

1 m 57 cm
She often wears heels to appear
taller, but since she can't wear
10 cm heels all the time...

Born in New Jersey as a younger sister
of a three year old Jackson. As a child
she was fascinated with her dad's traveling
journals. She then decided to learn a lot
of languages so she could eventually travel
the whole world. She learnt Spanish,
Portuguese, French and a bit of Chinese
under her dad's friend's tutoring. But her family
never had enough money to afford even trips
to Manhattan, so her 'wings', as one would
call freedom, were clipped. She then revealed
another passion of hers; interior designing.
She finished all schools necessary for that
and once she walked into the world as a
young designer, her old dreams reappeared.
But now they were valid. People all over the
world wanted her design in their house. So
she traveled. And, until today, she hasn't stopped.

and we laugh and laugh and
all I know is
at this moment I feel like
I can do anything I want
and be anyone I want
and go anywhere on the globe
and still call it home
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=The%20loveliest%20Tony%21&name=tagetts2_U
Characters Tumblr_inline_n1v7m1iMlR1rtqh2b

Antoinette Lillian Safford
Like that French queen, yeah. I like my name,
mind you, but it's weird, so I go by Tony.
Antoinette | An-twa-net | Praiseworthy
Lillian | Lil-ee-an | Pure
Safford | Sah-ford | From the willow ford

College student graduatee. Which means I'm
really smart. Actually not. I'm a PE teacher so I know nothing
of value, and in my free time, I play footy. Life is good.

Date of Birth
19th September
What am I supposed to say about my birthday?
It's the day I popped out of my mother's vagina.
That's it, I guess.

Hair color
It's usually pulled into a tiny ponytail
because I run a lot and any kind of hair in my
face is bad hair.

Eye color
Plain, usual blue. Nothing special. I like it,
though, people don't ask do you wear contacts or not.
And I don't have to wear glasses, so that's always a plus.
Sometimes I steal my sister's though.

Accent (if any)
Southern British
I am, indeed, a chav. Apologies. But
spending lots and lots of time with boys
can have that effect on me.

169 cm
Ha ha, yeah, laugh all you want. But
that is my real height.

65 kg
Pure muscle. At least that's what I tell
everybody. Hey, I eat chocolate in my free time.

I know it's very hipster, but I like it.
Impulsive and reckless decision to do that
tattoo, but I don't regret it.

All over her body
I've got quite a few. Not that I earned
them the cool way, no. I get into fights
with the teammates.

Everybody calls me Tony, so I guess
that counts as a nickname. Antoinette is
a mouthful, so nobody uses it but my
parents and my sis.

Characters Post-16526-UuFm0Zegif-pDWf

Clothes, jewelry
I'm a quite casual person.
Anything you would change
Not really. I'm not 100% confident
in my own body, but being perfect is boring.

If you were the opposite sex...
No big difference
There would, however, be more
shirts for me.

Products you use
Like, makeup? I don't really
use much of that... If I go out,
I borrow my sister's.

Tapping floor with feet and running
in spot when nervous

Hobbies, what do you do with your time
Play football, sleep, run
Favorite color
Pet peeves
Annoying people
When people say that Barcelona
is their favourite football club.
Err, no, Barca is the most
club, but it isn't
one of the best, so it's probably
the only one they know.

Favorite time of day
Late afternoon
Where do you like to spend your time?
Football field
Or anywhere where I can run
or exercise.

Favorite animal
Crimson and Romy, my two
girl hedgehogs. Crim is a lovely
thing and Romy likes to sleep
on my bed without warning me.

What relaxes you?
Radio transmissions of football matches
What? It calms me down, oddly enough.

Characters Tumblr_mhszo0MAkI1qf4sbho1_500

Living space
It's a small place in London, I don't
hang around it a lot, only for sleeping.

Passionate, persistent, proactive
Stubborn, bold, fierce
I don't like to hop around people
like a little bunny. If you're my friend,
you will be that for a long time.

Characters Tumblr_inline_mxfrh2VuYz1qmy4rr

Best memories
Scoring a goal in semifinals
Semifinals of the British Amateur
Football Tournament, for the record. Even though
I scored that goal, we still lost the game, sadly.

Worst memories
Being dumped for no reason
Even though I sell myself out to be
a tough biscuit, being dumped hurts.
And what's even worse, when they don't
give you a reason.

Team she plays in and teachers
Mostly guys, two girls and my sister.
Anyone she's playing against at the moment
And I mean anyone.
Were you ever betrayed?
But only once.

Characters Tumblr_inline_mss5jyimlq1qz4rgp

Sexual orientation
Girls are hot, yeah, but have you
ever seen a guy with ABS? Oh, dear.
And when they come into the locker
room all sweaty and disgusting
after the match... oof.

Do you ever question it?
After that vast description,
did you think I question anything?

Perfect date
A football match
There's something romantic about
swearing at referees and players.

Past relationships
A few
I've been in a few relationships,
I'm not emotionally detached, but I dunno,
romance was never the first thing on my mind.

Have you ever hurt someone you loved?
At least I hope I didn't.
Do you fall in love easily?
Not really. Love is not really my field.

Characters Tumblr_msd4kzQ1Hr1r8a5omo1_400

To win with her team in town football competition
I don't dream all that much, it's usually a small
think that's my dream, and when I achieve that,
I go to bigger and bigger stuff.

Places you want to go
Since all Americans talk about it so much,
I wanna go and see it myself.

Leader or the follower?
Uhh, captain of the team, hello?
What do you feel responsible to do?
To never give up
Just to keep going through all the obstacles
in my life and never stop.

You could say I'm scared of lightning,
and I don't know why. It just scares me.

Opinion on death
I don't think about death. It will come
eventually, but until it gets here,
I'm going to live.

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Claude%20Ryder&name=PentaGrams%20Malefissent
Characters Tumblr_ml1bp7Q5kX1qgs4sno1_250

Child, don't follow me home
You're just too perfect for my hands to hold
If you choose to stay, you'll throw it all away
And I just want to take your innocence

Claude Cooper Ryder
Claude | Klawd |  Cloudy
Cooper | Koo-per | Barrel maker
Ryder | Riy-der | Knight warrior

The name which my mother, an avid fan of
a musical called Hair, picked. Luckily, our
family name wasn't Bukowski, otherwise
she'd dissolve into a fit of manic laughter.

A shorter version of my surname is
most often my nickname, as well, as my
name isn't shortened with ease. My
family uses it mostly, for I don't have
a lot of friends, all high school ones
sort of drifted away once we graduated.

I was born male and my binary
gender is male. Pronouns are 'he' and 'his',
if you wish to go into it deeper.

I was born on the 12th
of March, at three am. I have nothing
in particular to add about my age.

I was born in Doolin, a small
place near Galway, but my family
and I moved to Dublin when I was
two. We hadn't moved around since.

I'm considered to be
tall, but since my father's 6ft 1,
I'd say I'm just average.

I don't really enjoy singing,
even though my mum made me go
to a child choir, but if you ask nicely...
I probably still wouldn't sing.

Physical; below average. Mental; awful.
There is no nice way to put it.
I was diagnosed with depression when
I was fifteen, and with anxiety when
I was nineteen. Doctors usually say
the main reason to those two illnesses
is a childhood trauma, but as far as
my parents know, I had none.
Physical health, well, it would be
exquisite, if I didn't have various
cuts on my arms. Again, mental harms
the physical.

I've never liked 'hanging
out' with people, so, naturally, I've
never had a girlfriend. Just being
around people made me nervous, and
since I'm not a person to enjoy my
pain, I just stayed away.

Laura and Timothy Ryder
My parents. I was an
only child. I guess I still am,
to correct myself. I get along
with my parents quite well,
since I'm not the type to party
and things along those lines.

It's not that people
don't wish to be around me,
I don't wish to be around people.

I believe I mentioned
it before.

Archery, calligraphy
I have been called gay many
times because of that last hobby.
What's so homosexual about words?

Marital status
I don't date, so it would
be strange if I was married.

I don't believe in God,
and I don't believe in Karma.
You work for what you have
and that's it.

Not many
I don't need a lot of things.

Characters Tumblr_inline_mzb7t622UR1s4rr8f

Voice & accent
Irish accent, big vocabulary
I can talk, but most of the time
I don't, so that answer could go
both ways.

I don't have a big wardrobe,
but I am dressed all of the time,
so I think... that's good?

Archery teacher in a camp
I teach archery in a small summer
camp. An interesting job, I guess.

I know I said I didn't move from
Dublin, and I didn't, this is just outside.
It's in the middle of camp, so it's
very near perfect.

Characters Giphy

Just because I have a vocabulary
of a college teacher doesn't mean
I'm smart. Because, most of the
time, I'm not.

Low fuse
I snap pretty quickly. Not
all the times, but I have my days,
so you can judge yourself.

It's not that I don't try,
I'm just not a happy person and
jokes don't make me laugh.

Hand fiddling
Whenever I'm sitting or
standing still, I make indistinct
lines on my arms.

Characters Large

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper
and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Damiana&name=Leakage
Characters Post-31454-back-the-fuck-up-gif-Emma-Wats-G3HI
>> x x x x x  <<

Climbing out the back door, didn't leave a mark
No one knows it's you Miss Jackson
Found another victim
But no one's gonna find Miss Jackson, Jackson, Jackson

> Name <
I have two names, depending on my situation. The majority of the time, I known as Naomi Demetria Jackson. Mostly because that is the name my mother and father gave me and it is the name on my birth certificate. However, I am known as Damiana Armstrong by the police and the press, a pseudonym ya know, but don't tell them that.
| Naomi | Ni-oh-mee | Hebrew | Pleasantness |
| Demetria | Dee-mee-tree-ah | Greek | Follower of Demeter |
| Jackson | Jack-son | English | Son of Jack |

| Damiana | Day-mee-arn-na | French | Untamed |
| Armstrong | Arm-strong | Scottish | Strong arms |

> Age <
I am 20 years old, but I live two completely different lives at the same time. I guess you could class that as me living 40 years, it definitely feels like that sometimes. My birthday is 22nd February, not much else I can really add.

> Gender <
Even the police know this, and they haven't seen me properly, I am sure you can guess.

> Sexuality <
I am straight, I like guys. Thing is I haven't dated a guy in years as I fear he may figure out stuff about me that should remain secret. Yes sometimes as Dami I have to mess around with guys, but that is only part of the job and it is a very effective way of getting information. Another reason I don't date is I travel around a lot, so I don't actually get chance to meet men.

> Eyes <
My eyes are a dark brown, which is an advantage for me, as in the dark it is very hard to see what colour they are, and brown is the most common eye colour, so the police can't narrow me down because of that.

> Hair <
My hair varies in length quite often, as I need to disguise myself a bit. At the moment, it is just longer than shoulder length and is a light brown. I am too lazy to style it, but usually on a job it is tied back so it doesn't get in my face.

> Piercings and Tattoos <
I have a single tattoo on my wrist, x, a key. The key is sort of my symbol when I am Damiana, as a key is able to open doors to a new world. I have no piercings, as there is always the chance that they could get caught on something and get ripped off, which would be very painful.

> Who is Damiana? <
Dami is my disguise for when I go out to do jobs. What is my job? I am classed as a criminal by the police, but I find that an insult. Yes, I do bad things, but not always for selfish reasons. I sell the items I steal, keep enough of the money to keep myself going, before giving the rest to charities and the poor. I also take care of bad people for people who I know are good, I do this for justice. Yes, a lot of people hate Dami, but again, I am the only reason a lot of people are able to survive; 'One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.' That is my motto when I'm Dami. Dami me is like the contrast to Naomi me, people think Naomi as innocent and loving, while Dami is presented as sexy and uncaring. I don't think Dami's 'uncaring' she just doesn't care about the rich. She helps the poor, that is her main function. Compared to usual Naomi clothing, Dami wears dark clothing, the complete contrast to my clothing as Naomi is very light and summery, emphasising the façade of innocence I have. The one problem is, I am unsure what my true personality is, as I am not always as bitchy as Dami but I am not as innocent as Naomi.

> Occupation <
As mentioned before, when I am Dami I help the less fortunate, either that be stealing or murdering. As Naomi I find any little jobs I can in the town I am staying in while I am doing work as Dami. I need to keep working as Naomi just in case the police get suspicious, I also keep both Naomi and Dami separated, so if Dami has a job in New York, Naomi will be working in a town at least an hour drive away. Again, this is a way of stopping the police getting suspicious.

> Current Residence <
No where, I don't live in a town, or a house. I live in my little caravan x x, I inheritated it off my mother after she 'passed'. I love this little thing, really it is my pride and joy.

> Birth Place <
I was born into a small group of travellers, hence the reason I travel around in my little caravan. I loved my times as a gypsy, and was distraught when my mother took me away from that life style when I was ten, sending me to a normal life. However, when I was fourteen, I got back into the gypsy life, and that was how Dami was born. She was my 'darker' side if you please. The problem was, as I was taking things, it didn't feel enough. I wasn't achieving enough by doing that, so I took it a step further.

> Fears <
My main fear is being caught. I enjoy this life too much. I know one day I will have to retire, but that is a long time in the future and I don't want to think about that now. If I get caught I would receive so much shit I will probably be sent to death row, did I mention I fear death?

> Dreams <
My dream is for everyone to be equal, and all have whatever they could ever desire without affecting other people's lives.

> Parents <
Both are dead, so it doesn't really matter what I say about them. I hated my mother, she was always so against my thoughts of the world and the things I did with my father. That is the reason she left him and took me to the 'normal' world. My father was an amazing man, he taught me he majority of the things I know now, he taught me how to handle a gun and how to not get caught in the act. He helped me with the first time I killed someone, he helped me develop Dami. But he was shot dead, I saw it happen. Mother did it, she got so angry at him, and I got so angry at her. I sort of just... slipped..

> Pets <
I own a black Basenji, his name is Shadow x. Shadow was a stray who spent a lot of time around my caravan a couple of years ago, so I took him in. He's a sweet dog, really, but he can get very aggresive especially if someone he doesn't know has come near our caravan. I named him Shadow, not just because of his colour, but because he spends a lot of his time in the shade and dark, I presume this is because he doesn't enjoy the sun, plus he moves about just as quiet as a shadow and never leaves my side.

> Life <
"Shadow, here boy!" I called out to Shadow, I picked him up and placed him inside of the caravan. I locked the door after he scampered into his bed and I pulled my scarf so it was covering my mouth and nose, thankfully it was cold enough so this didn't look suspicious.  I had been putting this job off for a while now and I really needed to do it before I left for another. I walked into town with my hood pulled over my head and tucked my hands in the pockets. It was simple really, which made it boring. A girl had asked me to spy on her boyfriend, watching where he went and who he was with. I much preferred the more thrilling things, but if I wanted to help everyone then I must do the shitty jobs as well. I soon spotted the guy I was supposed to follow, Marcus was his name. I really didn't know why this girl liked him, you could tell he was one of those 'players' the dicks of the world. People like him should cease to exist. I leant against a brick wall and watched him flirting with a young girl, and sighed lightly. Is this what I get paid for? I took a few pictures, deciding that was all I needed to do, when the Marcus guy started walking towards the girl. The fading light made it hard to make out what was happening, but it definitely didn't seem right. I moved towards them slowly, watching Marcus grabbing the girl around her waist and dragging her closer, but she thrashed about, trying to get free. "Oi!" I cried out, in my faux German accent. As Damiana I always used it, the police thought I was German, so it definitely works well. "Let her go!" I shouted, and Marcus looked up towards me, but refused to let the girl go. "What are you going to do?" He asked, smirking at me. I pulled out my pistol, a German USP 42 Cal. It helps make Dami seem more German. Marcus' eyes widened as he saw the gun, he let go of the girl and lifted his hands up. "Give her your money, all of it, or anything of value" "What?" "You heard me!" Marcus was confused but handed anything that seemed of value to the girl I hardly ever take anything for myself, I make money as Naomi. No, Dami is just a way of spreading justice. He was about to abuse her, something that I find one of the worst things to do . "Is that everything?" I asked, and he nodded. "Liar" I said, cocking the gun, "It is. It is! Everything is given to her" He cried, and I snorted, before firing the gun. "Get out of here" I said to the girl, she looked terrified, but took the money Marcus gave her and ran off. I bent down to Marcus, giving him the once over to check for anything else, yes, his watch. I removed it from his wrist and shoved it in the same pocket as my gun and removed my hoodie, placing it into my bag. I can't be seen wearing black or a scarf around a dead body. I ran off, heading back to my caravan.  

Characters Tumblr_ma00a5jpJU1rur2fwo1_500
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Unity%20Kelzie%20&name=adrip1

Characters Tumblr_mrc46a5ac01r42cito1_500
x x x

name ; ;
Unity Bianca Kelzie
Not a huge fan of my name,
but it's mine, so I have to
carry it my whole life.
Unity | You-nee-tee | Harmony
Bianca | Bee-ann-ka | Shining
Kelzie | Kel-zee | Brave

age  ; ;
Second year of LDA,
and I don't plan on stopping
any time soon. But I'm not
such a fan of ballet, so in
my free time I write choreography
moves for my hip hop
dance group.

gender ; ;
At least that's what
I look like. You know, curves
and stuff like periods and
birth giving.

date of birth ; ;
7th October
I don't really celebrate
my birthday. I don't like the
occasion we're celebrating.
I didn't do anything on the
day of my birth. I cried a lot.

place of birth ; ;
Edinburgh, Scotland
I did move to
London, but only because of
school. I dislike living in large
cities. Too crowded.

occupation ; ;
Student, group dancer
I don't work for paycheck,
that's planned for after college.
I plan on being a backup dancer
for some singers, just for
the thrill of it.

hair colour/style ; ;
Light brown, none
Most often, I don't style
my hair. Unless I'm dancing.
Then I tie it in a fishtail.

eye colour ; ;
Dark brown
I like my eyes because
they're neutral, so I can put
whatever makeup I want on them
and they'll still look okay.

accent ; ;
Naturally, if I was
born in Scotland.

height ; ;
161 cm
I'm not really tall,
so I'm good for lifting
in dance moves.

weight ; ;
I'm not the lightest
dancer in the school,
but eh. Sorry, guys.

tattoos ; ;
'Lifting means I'm
closer to the stars' on her waist

I got it when I first
performed a cheerleader
act with a lot of lifting.
I'm still so proud of it.

piercings ; ;
They aren't practical,
and I'm a messy person
so I'd misplace them.

scars ; ;
Not many
I'm not a clumsy person,
so I don't have a lot of
marks on my body.

sexuality ; ;
I like guys and I like
to date guys. I don't see
a problem with dating
whoever I like.

clothing ; ;
Street casual
Even for my ballet
classes (which I HATE)
I wear some grungy hip hop
clothes. It's just my style.

living space ; ;
It's a small student room,
since I didn't live in London
when I got invited to the school.
I keep it neat because it's the
place where I dance.

Characters Tumblr_inline_mghqqvj6H61rd0z7j

How do you usually dress?
Casually, first thing
that my hands touch in my closet.
But most of my closet is, as
mentioned before, hip hop, street,
grunge, so that's my style.

What do you wear to sleep?
I like to wear one
of my brother's old shirts.

Do you wear jewelry?
Not really, because
they're only a distraction
when I dance.

Characters Giphy

Books or Music?
Music, because
beats and rhythm are basically
my life right now.

Movies or TV shows?
Movies. I don't
have time for TV shows.

What are some of your pet peeves?
When people say
that dancing is easy. Just my
morning routine, daily morning
routine would make them lose
their breath within seconds.

What sort of gifts do you like?
Useful gifts, I can't
really fit not-useful things in my room,
now can I?

What is your favorite time of day?
Early morning, because
of the sky colours.

Favorite weather? Season?
Rain, but light
rain, because there's something
lovely in water dripping from
the sky. My favourite season
is autumn.

Where do you like to spend your time?
In my room, dancing.
Favorite food? Favorite drink?
I like ice tea and grilled cheese.
Favorite animal?
A gazelle.
How is your health?
Hmm, I'd say good.

Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Kirsten&name=Rough_linen
Characters Giphy

Kindling othe past sins

Kirsten "Pluto" Berger
Kirsten  Christian
Pluto  Short for plutonium  Deadly
Berger  Mountain
My real name is Kirsten Lynn Berger,
but for the sake of my reputation,
I go by Pluto, because plutonium
is the deadliest element, and I,
too, like to think of myself as
deadly. It's a guilty pleasure.

Kirstie, Mz P
Mz P, short for Mz Pluto.
I even have a code name. That's
really sweet of my enemies.
Kirstie is the classic nickname,
shortened name. How unoriginal.

27th October
I am a Scorpio, if you
believe in zodiac, which I
don't. The only astrology
I like is none.

So that night, when he came home from work
I fixed him his drink, as usual
You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic


24, though most people think she's older.
At this time I should
be finishing college, ah, but
the trick is, I didn't go to
college. College, and education,
is unnecessary.

Eye Color
I dislike it. It's too
light, and dark sunglasses
are needed in fights, so people
don't recognize my eye colour.

Hair color
I sometimes colour it,
if I'm on a longer... hm, you
could call them missions
or journeys.

Typical hairstyle
Cut into a messy bob
I cut it myself. I prefer it
shorter because it's easier
to run without it going
in your face.

I am short, but I wear
heels to mask it.

138, mostly muscle
I run a lot, and make
dramatic escapes every now and then,
so I think this weight suits me.

I was born in America, but
even though I don't have a passport,
I managed to travel out of the country
a number of times.

Distinguishing Marks
A very long scar down her whole left arm
A mishap including a
knife and a distraction. I nearly
bled out on that one.

Since I come from Arizona,
it would be strange if my accent
wasn't what it is. I can fake a
lot of accents, though, it's
very fun to confuse people.

Physical disabilities
Hand twitching after a lot of stress
Only the arm which I had
cut has that little twitch. It's
the only thing that's unfixable
on my body.

Physical abilities
Speed and flexibility
But don't think that
didn't come with a cost. I had
to work pretty hard to be able
to be able to fight off people
with that kind of ease.

So I took the shotgun off the wall
And I fired two warning shots into his head


Dark green
It's the perfect camo
colour, so it's often my clothing choice.

Rhythmic types
I can't listen to sappy
ballads. I listen to rock, metal
and dance, since the only
time I listen to music is when
I work out.

Fast food
I'm not flawless. Even though
I love it, I restrict myself from it
the most I can.

Anything informative
I don't read for joy, I read
to learn, and so far I've read
so many things that TNT
mix is mixed up with a cupcake
recipe, so there's that.

I like it, because it's basically
a synonym to killer, and it has a
word 'sin' in it.

As I said before, I don't
read fiction.

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.
I like it because it fits me
and it's well thought through.

I keep it simple when it comes to swears.
Mode of transportation
They're one of the most stylish
things you can fly in.

Then he ran into my knife
He ran into my knife ten times


Camel cigarettes
Another guilty pleasure
of mine. You'd expect an antagonist
to smoke, right? But I keep it light,
three boxes a week the most.

Beer and Tequila
Yes, I drink too. Accept
me with all my flaws.

Worst bad habit
I guess it's smoking, because
I still don't do drugs.

Wears multiple watches set to different time zones
It's a little thing I picked up
from my dad. I know what time it is
in Japan and in Germany at any
given moment.

Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out
I can't remember a thing, it wasn't until later
When I was washing the blood off my hands
I even knew they were dead


Sedona, Arizona
You know, the canyon city.
Type of childhood
Laid back
I never did anything except
read and train shooting with my brother
and school. I didn't 'hang out' with my
friends, I didn't have parties or anything.
I guess I was a good child.

Booksmart or streetsmart?
I guess both? I read books about
hacking and breaking necks, I think
that counts as streetsmart.

Religion and/or religious views and/or tendencies?
I don't believe in God and
I'm not in any religions. I just don't think
there's someone controlling us, or,
in particular, me. I am my own master.

I guess you can say we broke up because of artistic differences
He saw himself as alive and I saw him dead


I guess so. I didn't have
any jobs before this, current, one.

In an alleyway when she was 15
It was for an assignment.
After that I shoot the bastard in the brain.

Sexual experience?
In a dresser room when she was 17
This one didn't get a bullet
in his brain. A knife in the gut works
just as nicely.

He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same


Allison Krill
I don't know her very
well, but to be honest, I don't
know anybody from my family well.
She's the one I inherited hair and eye
colour from.

Daniel Berger
And he's the one I
inherited my attitude and muscles
from. Good combo.

I have a half sister
though, my mother's daughter
but not my father's, so, if that counts,
then yes, I have siblings.

Close to family?
Connections are a weakness
that I can't afford to have.

What is the use of just giving in?
You know that if you keep this up you'll be more scars than skin


Where does she work?
Actually, on the streets. I don't
have a particular working place, though
I sometimes go and boss around my fellow
co-workers, because, you know, I'm their
boss and the top killer in the squad.

Relationship with co-workers
They look up to me, which
is amazing, and really cool, if you
don't mind my language, because
they're all older than me and they're
all male. Talk about women power.

Does she like her job
I kill assholes for a living.
How brilliant is that?

Dream job
I'm living my dream.

Let his flesh not be torn
Let his blood leave no stain
Though they beat him
Let him feel no pain
Let his bones never break
And however they try
To destroy him
Let him never die...


Greatest fear
Breaking character
See, every assignment I get
is a kind of an acting piece. My worst fear
is that my character breaks.

Worst thing that could happen to her?
I think that's the ultimate
worst thing.

What single event would most throw
her life in complete turmoil?

If someone outs me to the police.
I'd probably be killed.

She is most at ease when...
In the office
When I deal with calls. Because
there's no action or anything to watch over.

Most ill at ease when
On an assignment
Then I have to watch out
for every single thing.

Hiding her face
If anyone sees my face, it's
over, it's all over.

How she feels about self
I have no reason not to.
I mean, there will always be imperfections,
but I'm satisfied with who I am right now.

If granted one wish, what would it be?
To not have to hide her face ever again
It's exhausting.
Daredevil or cautious?
Most of the time I'll manip my
victim. It's fun, don't blame me.

Biggest regret
Not paying enough attention
Remember the arm scar? That's
what happens when I don't pay attention.

Biggest accomplishment
Mass murder
Four people, one car, one bomb.
The thrill was amazing.

Her darkest secret
It doesn't get much darker than
what it already is, right?

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the tree to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop


Greatest source of strength
Physical strength
The fact that I'm strong is one
of the best things about me.

Greatest source of weakness
I feel so vulnerable when I show my
real eye colour, but since my eyes can't
stand wearing contacts too long, it's
a risk I have to take.

Her soft spot
I can't, and I don't want
to kill children. They're too innocent.

Biggest vulnerability
Being tied
If someone ties me down, I'm
helpless. So don't do that.

Look at how a single candle can both
Defy and define the darkness.


Optimist or pessimist?
I'm realistic about my goals,
so I'm neither.

Introvert or extrovert?
I'm fine on my own.
Drives and motivations?
Making people happy
Not in the way you think. I
make them happy when I end their
enemies' lives.

Name a sport. I will
probably ace it.

Extremely skilled at...
Anything athletic
See above.
Extremely unskilled at...
I can act it out, but I
don't think I even have a real me.

Scratching lips
I often scratch my lower
lip. Maybe because I wipe blood from it
regularly, the habit stayed?

Gun fiddling
I twirl my gun in my hand,
cowboy style. It's sad.

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt,
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills,
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter


One word she would use to describe herself
Not really, but I need an
excuse to use that word.

How she thinks others perceive her?
I hope they're afraid of me,
because that's where I'm aiming at.

Yet, no matter how deeply I go down into myself,
My God is dark, and like a webbing made of
A hundred roots that drink in silence.


Is she divorced? Why?
Sometimes assignments
require drastic measures.

Has she ever cheated on any significant other?
I never had a significant other.
How does she relate to others?
She doesn't
There are people, and there is
me. Don't make mistakes.

How is she perceived by...
I want to leave an impression,
but not enough to be memorable.
I'm in a dilemma.

Again, lover?
They listen to me,
so that's good.

First impression she makes is...
I hope so, at least.
I try to make it so.

Darkness approaches from outside.
I feel no light inside me strong enough to resist it.


Immediate goal
Current assignment
My focus is on the now.
Long range goal
Not to get caught
I'm a simple person.
How does she plan to accomplish goals
By working on them
And I'm doing a damn
good job. So far, so good.

How will other people around her be affected?
They won't
I just want to keep living this way.

Evil isn’t the real threat to the world.
Stupid is just as destructive as Evil,
maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common.
What we really need is a crusade against Stupid.
That might actually make a difference.


How she reacts in a crisis
She deals with it
I'll fix it, no matter
what it takes.

How does she face problems
With confidence
I have to deal with them,
so there's no point in avoiding anything.

How she reacts to NEW problems
Not good
I mostly facepalm.
How she reacts to change
She doesn't
Change is good, most
of the time.

Looks like what drives me crazy
Don't have no effect on you--
But I'm gonna keep on at it
Till it drives you crazy, too


I don't wear jewelry, but
when I do...

Other accessories
Guns and heavy rings
Anything that could help
me in a fight, really.

Drives a ...
Not often, but that's my
vehicle of choice.

Where she lives
In her office
I don't have my own place. I
find it unnecessary, as I wouldn't
spend much time in it anyway.

Where she wants to live?
I don't want to be
stationary. Ever.

Spending habits
My team buys groceries and
I buy clothes and I don't need
anything else. We're a small
family in a way.

What she does too much of
Rearranging her office
I like to move stuff around
and annoy my colleagues.

Too little of
I should vacuum the office
daily, but I don't. Apologies.

Most prized possession
Gun collection
My babies, ah.
Play musical instrument
No, I don't. Unnecessary.
Does she like animals
Not really
They make a lot of noise.

I know there’s evil in the world,
and there always has been.
But you don’t need to believe in Satan or demons to explain it.
Human beings are perfectly capable of evil all by themselves.


Own a computer
I have a laptop,
computers are too heavy.

Email address
My private one and
dozens of ones for, hmm, customers.

Use computer for business, pleasure, both?
I don't have time for pleasure.
Play computer games
See the statement above.

Characters Zsrqv_gravityfight_726187
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Ep&name=FontMeme%20Musical%20Symbols       Characters Newcreate.php?text=Mitch%20Tyrone&name=CooldCharacters Newcreate.php?text=r%3A&name=FontMeme%20Musical%20Symbols
Characters Tumblr_ly6y5hzjl61r69btr

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Mitchell Calvin Tyrone
Mitchell ♮ Mich-uh-l ♮ Gift from God
Calvin ♮ Kal-vin ♮ Precious sky
Tyrone ♮ Tahy-ron-ee ♮ Lord

But, as you probably guessed, I
don't really use my full name *laughs*
I go by my various nicknames,
as they're more casual, and
I'm not anything but casual.
Dad picked my name, surprisingly,
because he never wins in any
arguments, not even with me,
so my mother got the hold
of my middle name, that's
why it's from a fashion industry
or whatever that is. I don't
know my fashion. Tyrone is
a family name, but it isn't
read as it usually would,
it adds and 'ee' sound at the
end, and I think it fits me more
because it would be awkward
to have it all like Mitch-ell
Cal-vin Ty-rone, it's weird
and monotone, so let's not
do that, okay?

Mitch, Mitchie, Lennon, Lenny, Len
Only my family calls me Mitch,
to be honest, because most often
I go with the name Lennon. There's
a story behind that. People
think I look like John Lennon in
his pre-Beatles stage, so that's
where the nickname originated
from. I think most of the people
actually think Lennon is my
real name, because it's the
only thing they call me.

Ooh, the most interesting
one yet. I don't know,
you can check if you
wish, but I assure you,
I am a male human being.

A quarter of a century
old. Wait, that makes me seem
like I'm really old. But I don't mind,
since I'm old enough to be able
to watch anything on the tv and
drink everything I can.

Yes, British, with all
its ups and downs. I guess
that adds up to people's
beliefs I'm a new reincarnation
of John Lennon, even though
he believed he'd reincarnate as
a lawnmower.

Metre ninety-two
Taaaall. That's what
people say. But I'm just normal,
everything below two metres
is fine, but obviously, unless
you're a giant. Giants are very tall.

See, people all
around me, John Lennon
wasn't a baritone. He was
a tenor. Now get off my
back. I don't sing a lot,
not when I'm around people,
actually, I sing a lot when
I'm alone, but never on
karaoke tracks. That's what
guitars are made for.
I also host a radio channel
for music daily, from
noon till three, picking songs
and placing them on a playlist
and sometimes comment. Fun
job, I'm telling ya.

Erm, fine, I guess?
All my limbs are in one place
and I don't hallucinate, so
that's fine, right?

That's a hard one.
Are you asking me what I am
or what I present to be? Because
that's a mess, really. I don't
tell anybody what I am because
they don't ask, and if they don't
ask, I don't tell. Even if they asked,
I'd lie. My parents, see, they can't
find out. I love them, truly, but
they wouldn't understand.

Characters Tumblr_mb5k1ieULj1qeiocm

Clara and Lewis Tyrone
As I said before, I try to
keep my relationship with my
parents what it should be,
light and not pressured, but
I tend to avoid them
the most I can.

Everybody who enters the
course and some of his old high school friends

I can befriend anybody and
everybody who I want and who wants me.
No, not in a perverted way.

It's not Liverpool,
as many people guess, but
I presume it's close enough.

Instrument playing and music writing
I play the guitar, piano,
cello and drums, and I often write
music, you know, in my free time,
but it isn't any good.

Marital status
Only the thought of me
walking with some handsome bloke
in front of my parents brings
me to laughter, so no.

My family is one of the
few Jewish families in this region,
but I've never been such a big
believer myself. I always liked the
idea of God, but I never liked the
rules which most religions write.

x x
My instruments have always
been my most valuable possessions.
A guitar with stickers of the Beatles'
signatures and a white electra are
the best among the best.

Characters Tumblr_mkbpzaJRgX1qfjvuno1_500

That's the slang word
for my accent, I believe.

I almost always
wear the same thing, washed
dozens of times. I'm lazy
when it comes to clothes.

Guitar tutor
I teach people how
to play guitar, mostly on summer
camp and courses.

A small flat on the bottom
floor, next to a forest. I absolutely
adore it, it's lovely.

Characters Tumblr_m3cui9t6ma1qjji23

I don't know anything
about Maths or Geography,
but in the Music field,
I'm pretty smart.

Long fuse
I let it boil within
me for a long time and then I
just burst.

I try to keep myself happy
most of the time, as there
was no point on being sad.

Playing without a pick
I sometimes throw
the pick in the corner and play
without it. I don't know why,
because the sound's obviously
better with it.

Characters Tumblr_mqnqsm3EnA1rfl7i6o1_500

Part of me suspects that I'm a loser,
and the other part of me thinks I'm God Almighty.
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=venus%20hallis&name=Alias
Characters FcLObDW
x x x x x

name ; ;
Venus Ali Hallis
I am named after a planet.
Fucking planet.
Venus | Planet
Ali | That guy from Indian stories
Hallis | Sounds like Harry's. Harry Potter.

age  ; ;
I feel like 16.
I act like 16.

gender ; ;
I was born female, had
a male stage when I was
20, I am back to female.

date of birth ; ;
28th February
I could've been special.
Why am I not special? I could tell
people that I'm younger, having
my birthday every four years.

place of birth ; ;
Oakland, California
It sounds fancy, but it's
really dirty there. Annoying as shit.

occupation ; ;
Sound engineer
I go to cool tours and work
with cool sounds, acoustic and
or electric and meet cool people
but I don't really like 'cool'.

hair colour/style ; ;
I don't know, I coloured
it ginger, from blonde, but
it turned out this carrot
shade. Universe loves me.
I wear it let down, I rarely brush it.

eye colour ; ;
Emotionless, dull.
Much like my heart.

accent ; ;
I shit you not.
The stereotypical west shore
surfer dude one.

height ; ;
1m 59
I used to be taller,
but back problems.

weight ; ;
68 kg
I don't give a shit.
I eat all the time.

tattoos ; ;
I don't have them, they
annoy me because if nothing,
they look like scars.

piercings ; ;

scars ; ;
The back of her
I told you already,
back, spine, butt problems.
Makes it painful to walk.

sexuality ; ;
Not really. I don't like
anyone. Don't let anyone near.

clothing ; ;
Most of the time. I
don't own a functional washer, but
I try my best

living space ; ;
Small place in Oakland, but
I don't spend much time in
it. Tours with shitty bands.

Characters Emma-Stone-Shrug-GIF

How do you usually dress?
Like shit. I wear
my pajamas to work.

What do you wear to sleep?
Do you wear jewelry?
...I have this one cross
necklace, my best friend Luna gave
it to me before- She gave it to me.

Characters 378987EmmaStone

Books or Music?
Movies or TV shows?
None. Reality freak, eh.
What are some of your pet peeves?
People... no, that's it, people.
What sort of gifts do you like?
What is your favorite time of day?
Favorite weather? Season?
I don't know, they're all the same.
Where do you like to spend your time?
Favorite food? Favorite drink?
Pizza and Sprite.
Favorite animal?
Snake. Because it bites.
How is your health?

because of you i am afraid

i panicked, i slammed the brakes
but she was gone. i could have, i should
have, but at the moment, i couldn't.
she's my star, my luna. even though
her name means moon. she's a star.
i met her on her tour. she had such
a beautiful voice, and we clicked.
friends you don't find on your streets.
we hung together for years. seven
long, long years. gone. gone in a flash.
no connections. no love. no life.
only surviving.

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I'm doing it
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still harder getting up, getting dressed, living with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would trade, give away all the words that I saved in my heart
That I left unspoken
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Characters Newcreate.php?text=Graham Cooper Evans%20&name=FHA%20ModernIdealClassic_NC
Characters Tumblr_lta4hnBFoc1qe79j4o1_500

Hey, don't write yourself off yet
It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away.

Basic Life x
My name is Graham Cooper Evans, a lot of the time though I go by  Grey. My name has no significant importance, apart from the fact it is my uncle's name. I grew up with him, so I guess I would technically be called 'Graham Cooper Evans Jr.' and, unfortunately, the maids do call me that, or Junior, if they don't say my whole name. However I never spend enough time around them, or my uncle for that matter, for them to actually call me that. I spend the majority of my time away from the house, as my uncle thinks at nineteen I should be training to join an army camp or something, as that is what my father did. But my dad is dead, I have a dead father. It shouldn't matter to me whether or not he was in the army, he's dead now and there is nothing we can do about it. Making me go have the same fate as him isn't going to help anyone, but uncle is very persistent and has already booked my place at the toughest army school in the country. I don't want to leave here. I have the orphans to care for. Did I mention them? How can I have forgotten them? There are four of them, Gale [Oldest of the four, being sixteen.], Blake, Hornet [her real name is a secret, but I have a feeling it is Caterina] and Bo [Youngest (six years) and also the younger sibling to Gale, his name is Robert]. They all have their own stories as to why they are on the streets and I think of them all as my younger siblings. I want them to have the childhood they all deserve, and yes, my family is probably rich enough to get them all their own homes and new families, but they don't know about the wealth. They believe I am like them, on the streets with no where to go. This lie started a while ago, and I feel if I ever told them the truth they would hate me. I pretend to steal things to get my money, a really bad role model I know. Once I move off to this army camp I will be leaving all these guys behind, something I really don't want to do.  

The Gang x
As I had mentioned, their names are Gale, Blake, Hornet and Robert. None of us have told us our last names, but I guess that is just safer so they don't get caught by social services and so they don't figure out about me. I hated lying to them, but I do make up for it in what I buy them. I got them an abandoned warehouse to live in, giving them all their own rooms. We cleaned the place up and added things like a pool table and entertainment for everyone. We basically spend our lives there, and for the four of them it is home, a safe haven for them to go to, with a few people who care about them. Hornet is our on site first aider so we don't have to worry about going to the hospital, and she can also cook up a mean dinner when given the right ingredients. Blake is the one best with engineering and fixing stuff, so he can always help fix things. And Bo, little Bo, he is the little ray of sunshine, always ready to make us all smile. If I had time I would tell you all the stories of everyone of these four amazing people, but that is for another time. We mostly get by with the stuff I buy, and sometimes what Gale and I manage to steal. But we always try to keep stealing to a minimum, or at least I do. I am just fearing for when I am set off to camp, how will I explain that to them?

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On the Outside x
A lot of the time, Gale and I are mistaken for brothers, it is clear to see why, plus this similar image helps us a lot when we're hanging around. My hair is  brown, and it changes colour often. It can go dark brown to light in a matter of days. I guess is a medium length cut, as it isn't stupidly long, nor am I bald. I rarely style my hair as I see no point, but at camp they will cut it off, and that is not something I am looking forward to. Hornet always saying how she likes my hair, a friendly gesture, nothing more, but it does make me want to keep my hair this way. Now, my eyes, they are a very dark green, very often mistake for brown. My clothing depends with whom I find myself. With the gang, it is usually very casual, clothing that is cheap to get a hold of, while with my uncle my clothing is very smart. Quite often collars and a jumper pulled over that. I am about average height, probably a bit taller, which I don't mind at all, I like having a bit of height advantage over people. Weight-wise, I'm apparently the right weight for my height, I just have a lacking of any muscle at all, another reason uncle wants to send me away because I'm a 'weakling'

Relationships x
You do not want to know how many times I have been asked if I was dating Hornet. I'm not, simply because I am not her type, which is one of the reasons she is not living at home with a family. I hope we're her family now. I am single, and quite frankly not ready to mingle. I have not really had any interest in dating anyone in quite a few years. I find relationships a distraction from what I am meant to be doing with my life, and currently that is looking after my little gang, my proper family. My uncle keeps reminding me how I need to go out a find the right girl, but I don't want to. If I get a grilfriend there is a huge chance she will bust me to the gang and that is a risk I will never be willing to take.

Quirks, Hobbies and Talents x
My hobbies consist of pool and hanging with the gang. Problem is, I am shocking at pool, and I mean shocking, I can't even hold the pole, or is it cue?, right. Oh, one quirk of mine is I never swear. Never. Not even in my mind. I fear this could be a bad influence, plus I don't see the point in it. I think I swore once, many many years ago, and my uncle got very angry at me. So I never swear now. Talents? I don't think I have one, useless you count caring for younger people as a talent? I'm very patient with them and next to never get angry, no matter who it is I am talking to. I love spending time with younger children, and hope, when I am able to get a job, I will be able to become a teacher or social worker. One that will make school something enjoyable for kids.

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